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Okay, this is a bit “off topic,” but it’s a recipe — and one I’d like to share with the family, so I’m putting it here on and hope y’all don’t mind. [For those of you reading this on Facebook, Goucher Recipes is the site I started to archive my grandmother’s recipe box.]

For the last few evenings, I’ve worked on this watchcap:

It’s based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s prime rib or brioche stitch pattern from Knitting Without Tears. I learned this a few years ago and remember making some caps knitting in the round and in two colors. I did the first one with flat knitting, but then experimented with knitting in the round. Since Zimmerman was emphatic that prime rib worked only on flat knitting, I ended up turning the work (odd for knitting in the round) and using the basic stitch pattern both coming and going. I remember writing down how I did that, and I may have credited the two-color scheme to someone else, but I can’t find those notes any more. On the other hand, doing a quick search in Google has turned up links to recipes and tutorials that are far better than anything I would have written. So, enjoy:

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  1. Nancy says:

    Here’s a video of what I think Mills means by the ribbed German cast on –

    I’ve started a red/white version and will probably leave the cast on alone, but on the *next* one I start, I’ll use this method…

  2. Nancy says:

    Actually, the twisted German cast on will work, I think, for the hat — at least the way I’ve done it, it is “two sided” to match the dominant colors on the inside/outside of the hat itself.

    On the other hand, the ribbed German cast on is what I used for a brioche stitch scarf I’m working on, since I’m assuming the bind-off-in-pattern will match that better — I don’t know of a bind off that would match the twisted cast on.

    I’ve got a draft of a post on the scarf — my reinterpretation of the Baldwin article referenced above. If you want early access, let me know.

  3. Nancy says:

    Okay, I’ve put new comments on Google docs for the time being — see for more pictures of prime rib hats and a scarf along with the instructions for the scarf.

  4. Nancy says:

    For more on the Brioche Stitch, see this entire web site:

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