Greens, Thomas Head

Greens: A Savor of the South (r) CookbookThomas Head, Greens: a Savor the South® cookbook, University of North Carolina Press, 2016.

I’m finding the little cookbooks in this series irresistible — and pick one up on my visits to Quail Ridge Books. Our first were Virginia Willis’s Okra (some yummy recipes that take us further than what we learned from Madhur Jaffrey) and Andrea Weigl‘s Pickles and Preserves. We got both of those at the height of the okra harvest last summer.

I picked up this one when considering that our standard collards recipe for Thanksgiving (and New Year’s Day) was getting a little tired. Brazilian-Style Collards were a hit at the 2017 Thanksgiving dinner.

There are lots of other recipes we expect to try — including “Penne with Sausage and Collard Greens” that’s a variation on a  Marcella Hazan recipe (sausage and red cabbage with red wine over pasta) that we have at least a couple of times a month — and I really should post on this site.


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