Thanksgiving 2005 – Shoemaker/Barger

David Shoemaker is Ruth’s son. His wife is Cathy Barger Shoemaker. They and their children Tyler and Meredith, Cathy’s  parents Charlie and Julie, their sons Chuck and Mark, Mark’s wife Kathy, and their kids Andrew and Julie gathered at David and Cathy’s house for Thanksgiving 2005 and were joined by Ruth, her daughter Nancy, Nancy’s husband Steve, and Cathy’s cousin Danny.

Here are some pictures of that visit.

Ruth has been flying to North Carolina for a couple of weeks at Thanksgiving almost every year since the late 1990’s. This group has gathered — sometimes with assorted Barger cousins — at David and Cathy’s in Chapel Hill. Steve and Nancy, who live in Raleigh, are responsible for the turkey. There’s always a great feast!

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